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Artist Location Self  Proclaimed SubGenre
A Failed Escape Logansport, IN w consider ourself to be heavy hardcore skunk meta Heavy Metal
A Grand Design Kent, OH Progressive/Post-Hardcore/Metal Hardcore-Punk
A LIFE LESS PERFECT ALL OVER, NJ New Jersey Hardcore Hardcore-Punk
A plus P NYC, NY Hard Rock Hard Rock
A Promising Year East Bay, CA Emo/hardcore/po-punk/screamo Other Rock
A Slave Kid Los Angeles, CA Alternative Rock Punk Grunge Modern Rock
A Telemetry Boston, MA Rock Mainstream Rock
A Thousand Shades Of Cold Rochester, NY Hard Rock Modern Rock
A?ATHY Kansas City, MO Too metal for the punk crowd, Too Punk for the Met Hard Rock
Abateria Columbia, MO Latin Dance/Latin Jazz Salsa
AbsolutE Diamond, MO Heavy Metal Hard Rock
Addictive Tragedy Buffalo, NY Hard rock Hard Rock
Adopted Prophets San Diego, CA Hippy Hop Indie Rock
ADORA Houston, TX Pop-Rock Mainstream Pop
After the Fall Pittsburgh, PA Alternative Rock Adult Alternative
Afterthem East Brunswick, NJ Experimental garage funk Modern Rock
Alexander Blu Novi Sad, LA Chill out Other Electronica
AllThingsDriven ogden, UT Hardcore Heavy Metal
Almost Dawn Garden Grove, CA Hard Rock, Modern rock Hard Rock
American Alien Eau Claire, WI METAL Heavy Metal
amherst El Cajon, CA Rock Modern Rock
Amphoteric Monterey, CA Atmospheric Metal Hard Rock
ANeWMe Anderson, IN Indie Happy Rock 'n' Roll Indie Rock
Angelz Lake Villa, IL Pop Mainstream Pop
Another Perfect Tuesday South Plainfireld, NJ, NJ Alternative Indie Rock
Anthony Guppy :Steelpan -, CA Caribbean/ world fusion Fusion
Anti*Hereo New Castle, PA punk-metal-sludge Heavy Metal
AntiQuark san diego, CA Experimental electronic Techno
Assume Nothing Columbus, NJ Hard Rock with funky grooves Hard Rock
Astellum Sacramento, CA Alternative Other Rock
Atcor San Diego, CA Hard Rock Hard Rock
atralen Wallenpaupack, PA Emo/Rock/Pop-Punk Hardcore-Punk
Auditory Implant Chelmsford, MA Rock/Metal Hard Rock
Austin Young Nashville, TN Country Modern Country
Awesome Vicious! Winston-Salem, NC Progressive Speed Metal Other
AXSTASY arcadia, OH Hard Rock / Metal Adult Alternative
AZMOCA Kansas City, MO Variety Rock/Blues Other Rock

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