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This site is simply to amuse people. It started when on a dialy basis I would get tons of jokes and funny things forwarded to me. Thus I saved everything and started the funny section. The music section grew from my love of music and my wide tastes in different artists and styles. The cars of course highlights my favorite ones and has a nice gallery of images I tend to look on when I want to see my dream cars. The Search section came about from having 100+ favorites in my browsers but not knowing what they were good for. Thus the Search is my own personal resource for good development links.

If you feel something is up on this site that belongs to you please contact us. If this is the case we will take it down ASAP.

Also plese feel free to send me links or advise me of dead links or even to say something sucks if you so have the free time to do it. Otherwise enjoy the site or go away.

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